Write For Us

Write For Us

We appreciate your willingness to contribute to Journal Unlimited and hope to have you join our writing team. If you’re interested and believe you can provide our readers with additional excellent information, please join our team as a Guest Post Writer at Journal Unlimited.

What are the requirements for writing for us?

Your passion for contributing as a guest writer to our blog is much appreciated. First, familiarize yourself with our guiding ideas before devoting time to study and writing.

  • We do not republish entire or significant portions of previously published pieces, so your content must be original.
  • If your post or a piece of it is published on other websites, we reserve the right to remove it from the Journal Unlimited blog. We want the internet to be free of duplicates in this scenario.
  • A well-written article must be both stylistically and grammatically correct.
  • We respect our readers’ time and don’t want to squander it, so please only submit posts that are relevant to them. Examine the most current entries to avoid addressing the same subject twice.
  • Your post should be relevant by focusing on issues like project management, team cooperation, working remotely, being productive, marketing, business, working environment, or design.
  • Contributions to case studies, success stories, and statistics-backed articles are encouraged and may result in additional points.
  • We do not post articles that state the obvious or answer rhetorical questions like “Why are computers better at processing information than humans?” or “Does a marketing business need a website?”
  • It’s critical to understand that by contributing to the Journal Unlimited blog, you have the potential to assist the thousands of professionals who visit our site with their professional concerns by highlighting actual issues and providing practical solutions. When you serve our community, you can expect nothing but love and gratitude.
  • Avoid being overly commercial or forceful, and avoid discussing anything nasty or derogatory about competitors.

By following these standards, we intend to maintain the excellent quality of our site and make it more user-friendly for everyone.

Where should I send a well-written article?

  • You should email your submissions in Google Docs format to info@julo.ca for review.
  • With your submission, please include a brief author biography and a headshot. We would appreciate it if you could include links to your internet profiles.
  • Upload all photos in.jpg format, with dimensions of 1600px width by 1000px high. You must obtain all photographs and graphics (please provide the source).

Before we begin, please send us an email with any post-related topic recommendations you may have.