Dental Care: Is Invisalign Better Than Dentures?

Are you thinking about getting dental treatment done? Then you can feel baffled by all the dental options, from dentures to Invisalign. That is alright since caring about your dental health and wishing for a beautiful smile is natural. You are fortunate to have many alternatives to pick from depending on your age, health, and desired outcomes.

What Are Dentures?

Most people are familiar with dentures but need to learn how they operate. Dentures are artificial substitutes for natural teeth. You can’t eat or speak generally if you’re missing teeth. Dentures, however, are one of the most discreet techniques for restoring a mouth with missing teeth.

What Is Invisalign?

Dentures provide a great smile. However, Invisalign can achieve similar outcomes too. When it comes to orthodontics, Invisalign is the clear alternative to conventional metal braces. This dental treatment utilizes transparent aligner trays to refine a person’s teeth.

What Is the Difference Between Them?

Both can provide you with the gorgeous smile you’ve always desired, but they operate in totally different ways. This section will help you compare dentures to Invisalign and discuss some of the benefits each offers.


Invisalign is the best alternative if you want to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. One of the most regularly stated advantages of Invisalign is that it is composed of almost transparent clear plastic. When compared to traditional metal braces, these clear aligners are virtually unnoticeable.

Dentures, on the other hand, are made from plastic or porcelain that are conveniently spotted. Dentures can change the way your entire face looks. The appearance of a person’s face might be diminished when teeth are missing. One of the best dental clinics in Virginia, Legacy Dentistry of Virginia offers dentures that can make your face look younger and healthier.


Wearing dentures for the first time can be very unpleasant. These can irritate your gums by rubbing against them. Dentures, despite their effectiveness, wear out over time and need replacement. Nevertheless, it is easier to replace them than bridges or implants, which sometimes require surgery. On the other side, Invisalign is made to be as comfortable as possible.

Since it is smooth, the plastic won’t hurt your gums. After removing them, you can clean and floss your teeth since no wires or brackets can hinder them. You may feel like you need clarification on these dental treatments. So, you need to see trustworthy cosmetic dentistry to discuss the ideal treatment for you.


Dentures need constant care and attention, like diligent cleaning, soaking in water every night, and protecting from hard impacts. You should also beware of what you put in your mouth while wearing them. They are minor tasks, though, and you’ll become used to them in exchange for a complete set of teeth.

In contrast, Invisalign needs little maintenance. However, you have to be careful when cleaning your aligners. The plastic can melt if you use boiling water. The fit will be thrown off, and the aligners will not function as planned. You need to speak with a trusted dentist if you are interested in learning more about these clear teeth aligners, like the cost of Invisalign.

The Bottom Line

There are several aspects to consider while selecting dental care, which can result in confusion. You need an option for your dental issue, and you want the best one there is. Call your regular dentist to arrange an appointment if you feel ready to discuss these dental treatments. They can recommend which treatment alternative is best for you.