Dentures: Types & Costs Complete Guide

Having healthy teeth is crucial for eating and communicating effectively. Teeth are also a big part of how we look and are essential for social interactions, as well as help define our facial features. 

Dentures are false teeth that can be taken out. They replace natural teeth lost due to decay, injury, or other similar reasons. Dentures are crafted to look and feel like a person’s natural teeth.

Understanding Dentures

Modern dentures are comfortable and effective. They mimic natural teeth well and can make your smile look more attractive. Some dentures are designed to substitute only one or two teeth. In the case of others, every tooth and supporting structure is replaced.

To help you understand this, here is a discussion about the different types of dentures:

1. Complete Dentures

Dentures that substitute all of a patient’s teeth are known as complete, full, or traditional dentures. Individuals who have experienced complete tooth loss are candidates for these replacements. These types of dentures are most common in older people.

One of the best cosmetic dentists in Austin will try to preserve your natural teeth before recommending complete dentures. Full dentures are typically used when all other treatment choices have failed. Depending on several variables, the price of a complete set of dentures can vary from $500 to $4000. These amounts are just estimates, so it’s always best to ask your dentist for a more accurate quote.

2. Immediate Dentures

Before having permanent dentures, all your natural teeth must be extracted. Dentists provide immediate dentures during this time, but they may not appear natural, require more maintenance, and be difficult to adjust to because they are not custom-fit to your gums.

Your instant dentures will likely range from $600 to $2,000. Most dental facilities like Elite Dentistry dentist include this charge in the final treatment cost.

3. Partial Dentures

If your doctor wants to preserve some healthy natural teeth, partial dentures may be used. Partially missing teeth can be replaced with either fixed or removable dentures.

  • Fixed Partial Dentures – They are also referred to as implant-supported bridges. On each row, dentists use at least two implants and false teeth in between. Costs for fixed partial teeth range from $1,500 to $6,500, depending on your needs.
  • Removable Partial Dentures – They are easy to remove and put back in. They replace missing teeth in either your upper or lower jaw. Removable partial dentures are ideal for patients who cannot endure surgery. A set of removable partial dentures ranges from $650 to $2500. Again, the price depends on several factors. 

4. Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental implants hold in place implant-retained dentures, which are also called “overdentures.” They are one of the most well-liked options for long-term tooth replacement. Compared to conventional dentures, these teeth are known to offer greater stability.

An overdenture can range from $5,000 to $30,000, and is typically the most expensive form of denture. Your dentist can give you a more accurate estimate once you are examined for your needs. You can visit this page for a same-day denture installation from a reputable dental facility.

5. Economy Dentures

The least expensive dentures available are economy dentures, but a licensed dentist does not provide them. Dentists typically do not endorse over-the-counter dentures because of their potential damage to the mouth.

These teeth are generic and not custom-fitted. Depending on the vendor, economy dentures can be found for around $300 or even lower.


You’ll need to replace your teeth if you lose them. If you don’t fix this, you’ll lose your teeth’ aesthetic and functional worth. How much you spend depends on the type of denture you need. It will also differ from clinic to clinic; you will know once your dentist has examined you.

Discussing your choices with your dentist before deciding on dentures is essential. Making such a drastic change to your mouth’s shape and function requires careful consideration and information.